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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: A Pup Tale

We got some info from our sources who are happy to provide you, the informed reader, with the answers to your questions. Thank them in your prayers.

1) Boyle Heights: In regards to the first question about the proposed Buena Vista Lofts project: We hear that the former Linda Vista Hospital will be adaptively-reused in what is proposed as a mixed-use development with potentially 386 loft units (by way of density bonus) on the site. The proposed project in the "up and coming" Boyle Heights neighborhood will include an Olympic size swimming pool, roof top tennis courts, concierge service and convenience store for its residents. Up and coming, indeed.

2) Hollywood: We searched all over the place to get pricing info for Hollywood & Vine but turned up nada. However, our good friends at Palisades Development Group tell us that they'll be sending out an email tomorrow (1/13) with some fantabulous info about a new web site for the project and floorplan porn, which will surely get us all in a lather. They hemmed and hawed when we asked for pricing and said they'll provide that at a later date. Booo!

3) West Hollywood: The Sunset Millenium project is so dead we received nary a single email about the status of development. It may still be active but apparently the buzz machine for the project has stopped buzzing. I guess if a project has been under development since 1999, that tends to happen. Last we heard they built a mine shaft on the site.

4) West Hollywood to ???: The Tail o' the Pup is quite a tale to tell. We got several emails from knowledgeable sources on the present status of the landmark hot dog stand. First, from a rep of the site developer who says:

"As a representative of Regent Properties, owner of the property in question in item no. 4, I wanted to answer your question. Regent Properties has filed an application with the City of West Hollywood to build a residential development on the site. The project includes 117 condominiums and a 37-unit affordable housing complex. Greenwich Place, as the project is called, features lushly landscaped courtyards and pedestrian pathways and a full spectrum of tenant amenities, plus a unique architectural look that is reminiscent of East Coast brownstones. The Blakes, owners of Tail o' the Pup, have closed the hot dog stand and put the structure in storage for now while they make a decision about a future location. One possibility is Westwood Village on a site owned by Regent, but they are also contemplating other possibilities. A new location will be announced shortly." Another reader chimes in, saying that the Pup may be relocated to a site on Broxton Avenue in Westwood Village and that the LA Conservancy is actively in contact with both the Blake Family and Regent to ensure the stand is relocated appropriately. More questions? Bring it on. We have no shame in our lack of knowledge so why should you. Email your curiosities to