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Rumblings and Bumblings: A New Beginning

Oh God, this again? We thought we answered all your questions last year, but apparently not.

1) Boyle Heights: Our first question comes from a reader interested in the Eastside - the real Eastside. "Do you know what's up with the Buena Vista Lofts across from Hollenbeck Park? It used to be the Linda Vista Hospital."

2) Hollywood: One reader got totally turned on (not that way) to the loft project at Hollywood & Vine that we've been mentioning ad nauseam. "Whats the going price for the lofts at Hollywood and Vine?" Hello, Avi Brosh. This is a perfect time to chime in.

3) West Hollywood: Not content with the speed of development, a reader wants the vital signs checked for a project that isn't moving. "Sunset Millenium continues to sit there. What's going on? Anyone know. The Tiffany Theater is advertising Death of A Salesman through mid February. Is Sunset Millenium dead again?"

4) West Hollywood to ???: A reader goes out of town and when he comes back a giant hot dog is gone. Of course he's curious: "When I returned to town after a brief Christmas trip up north to Santa Maria I drove down past the Beverly Center and noticed that the Tail of the Pup is gone. What happened? Where did it go? I read someplace that that corner is being redeveloped. Any leads on what it will be and whether the Bank of America right beside the void where the Tail of the Pup once stood is also set to relocate?"

5) The Grove: The reader above also posits an unrelated question that really deserves no answer, but is a question nonetheless: "I was at the Grove last night (Jan 3) and the ground floor "up" escalator was shut down and some of the railings were missing. While I was in the theater waiting for "Match Point" to begin, I joked to my companion that the Grove seems to be falling apart. A person sitting in front of me turned and said that he heard that a valet returning someone's car crashed into the escalator. Could this be true and if so, was the valet fired? I wonder." (Note: We don't know the story, but we were at The Grove that night watching "Brokeback Mountain." We wish we were audioblogging so you could hear us say "I can't quit you." It's fucking great. But we noticed the broken escalator, too. Small world. -ed.)

If we missed your question, we're sorry. We had a lot of email over the holiday. Try resending it. If you have answers to this week's questions please send your tips care of Happy New Year.