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Santee Village's Textile Building: Floorplanapalooza

Our East Coast brethren refer to it as "floorplan porn." Something about seeing behind the building's facade into the private spaces of the inhabitants where walls and imaginary toilets meet kitchenettes and floor to ceiling windows. Sounds hot to us.

A poster at lets us know that floorplans are now viewable for the Textile Building at Santee Village - the soon to open, adaptive-reuse, loft project at the corner of Maple and 8th, Downtown. The average unit goes for $535,000. We were so excited to get our first taste of LA floorplan porn but that web site is totally WACK incompatible with Firefox on OS X and only slightly better on Internet Explorer. The small section of the 11th floor that we could see is pictured above. PCers enjoy.
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