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Tuesday Morning Linkage

1) Graffiti-plagued marathon runners' likenesses move from 405 Freeway at Manchester exit to a freeway wall near Dodger Stadium.
· Mural restorers adopt preservation tactics [Daily Breeze]

2) Impact on lifestyles may include cutbacks on Starbucks lattes to cruising L.A. less
· Cover Story: Life As A Slave to Gasoline [LA Independent]

3) Although the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) recently approved a plan to implement the 424 area code overlay in the 310 region of Los Angeles, there is still hope for those opposed to it.
· 424 Area Code Overlay Impact to be Investigated by County Counsel [Canyon News]

4) Soaring housing prices have driven Californians farther inland - but not out of the state - with four interior metropolitan areas among the 10 fastest growing in the nation, according to a study released today.
· Inland growth fastest in state [Daily News]