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Steaks Done Well

Gridskipper's LA correspondent hits the wagon-trail to rustle up some tasty cattle parts - steak, to you and me - with one of our favorite gay Trojans, Boi From Troy. The duo dined at several new, hip steak houses in greater LA and found them not worth the hype. Isn't that surprising?

To best explore this orgy of cattle slaughter, we decided to attack two of these joints, the Sterling and the Dakota, both of which are in the Zone, and supposedly have hot nightclubs attached to them ? the Cabana Club and Tropicana Bar, respectively.

As you can imagine, the price, portion sizes and dining experience all fell flat, leaving our dining guides with clogged arteries and a taste for something cheaper better. For fun and red meat at a slightly lower price, we?ll take Taylor?s Steakhouse in Koreatown ? we?re 99.9% positive that every straight dude that enters Taylor?s leaves with a cool chick he just met there and goes home with her to have anonymous, hot, awesome, filthy sex, and we want to watch. Other good choices include Chez Jay, the Galley, or that old reliable, Musso and Frank?s. · L.A. Letter: A Tale of Two Steakhouses [Gridskipper]