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Obstructionists at LAUSD Irritate Neighbors and MTA

Back to the controversy over the MTA right of way for the expansion of the Gold Line along Indiana Street. We get an update about the LAUSD-MTA tug-o-war from the California Transit Corridor message board:

At the MTA Board Meeting, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005, many East LA Activists spoke. The concern is that LAUSD is overreaching and wants to build a complete new school instead of the deal that promises a replacement building. The community is outraged over the issue. MTA will just reroute the line, but this will result in a loss of parking spaces to local merchants.

LAUSD Board Member David Tokofsky holds all the cards and the solution. Until he meets with MTA and puts a deal together, the locals are screwed and LAUSD will lose an opportuntity to get some new facilities. Another example of LAUSD knuckleheads blocking transit. Yikes.

· East Los Angeles Light Rail--Gold Line Phase II-Construction Progress [California Transit Corridors]