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Google Video Finds Love in Downtown

We really dig the new Google Video search. Typing in "Los Angeles" we found a tour of Downtown from about two years ago. The tour is led by an awesomely in love, and slightly stoneresque couple, Jesse and Alex, who trip the life fantastic by visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels where Alex gets spiritual. "And when you step in those... in that building, it's... like... it speaks to you. The spirits in there are like... woah, man. You really feel them." Indeed you do Alex.

The tour also goes by Disney Hall (still under construction at the time) and the American Apparel factory where company owner Dov Charney, looking especially greasy, gives a brief interview. Unfortunately, we don't get to see him banging his staff. Maybe next time. The tour ends at the Standard, but the love continues.
· The Best of California: Downtown LA: New Energy (6m33s) [K2 Communications via Google Video]