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Orange Line, All About Fun

The LA Convention and Visitors Bureau put out a cheery press release about all the wonderful things to do in the Valley now that people can take the new Orange Line into the previously inaccessible hinterland.

Taking in some of the San Fernando Valley's top attractions -- from posing next to the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences's giant Emmy sculpture to strolling through the Suiho En - The Japanese Gardens -- is about to get easier. Starting in October 2005, visitors to the LA region can get from eclectic North Hollywood through the San Fernando Valley to bustling Warner Center with ease via the new Metro Orange Line, featuring 13 stops at gardens, college campuses and other attractions. The Orange Line, scheduled to open on October 29th, will hurdle passengers from one end of the Valley to the other in 40 minutes. In addition to seeing the giant Emmy statue, riders are also encouraged to see soccer in Beilenson Park while eating a burrito, and to look for airplanes in North Hollywood while dreaming of Amelia Earhart. Hmmm.
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