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Tuesday Early Morning Updates

1) The promise of a better Highland Avenue in the near future? We can't wait. The City has taken control from the state and Highland will finally be fixed. [Everybody who hates the intersection of Franklin and Highland.../ Skunks of Los Feliz]

2) Cheap gas to be had in far-flung LA County. Natch. [Best reason to venture out to the suburbs/; I Drive a Honda Accord/]

3) Janice Hahn files a motion to study the spooky, below ground mini-mall next to City Hall to figure out what's wrong with it. Good for her. [Janice Hahn Wants to Know What's Up With the LA Mall/ blogdowntown]

4) USC Economist Peter Gordon examines his supply and demand curves for LA mass transit and finds too much supply, too little demand. And 99-cent stores. Boo. [Red (ink) Line/ Peter Gordon's Blog]

5) Where is Councilman Jack Weiss? Probably not fixing speedbumbs in Sherman Oaks. [Mayor Sam: Where In The World Is Weiss?/ West L.A. Online]