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Gansevoort West: Downtown LA Not So Insane Anymore

New York's boutique-Hotel Gansevoort, of which we've only recently learned of, has taken a shine to the resurgent Downtown/South Park neighborhood. Gansevoort (pronounce as you please) plans to drop anchor at the corner of 9th and Grand, inside a yester-year hotel that includes the former Trinity Auditorium. It's conveniently close enough to the LA Live project to get some of the overflow tourist crowds. Developers are also hoping to get some of the fickle starf*ckers frequenting Hollywood clubs into a rooftop lounge and restaurant, a la The Standard.

[...] if developers' hopes are realized, the former Trinity Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles will be teeming with mostly young, hip and affluent patrons who currently gravitate to the Sunset Strip.

Rooms will be offered at $225 a night. No word yet if they'll come affixed with iPod related schwag.
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