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Keep this quiet... Mayor Moving To Getty House

We're not saying he's moving or anything, just that there are memos going around saying he's moving into the Getty House, but don't say anything about it. Getty House Director Susan Caputo has no comment about the move, however her paper trail is talking for her.

"...a July 26 memo from Caputo to the board of the Getty House Foundation and selected city officials described plans for a security audit, relocation of some Getty House furniture and ways of maintaining the structure's educational programs even with the Villaraigosa family occupying the house." Update: As we write this story, the Associated Press is reporting that the Villaraigosa family has announced it will occupy the three-story, 1921 English Tudor style mansion next to Hancock Park. The web site for KSL-TV in Salt Lake City was the first to have the story according to GoogleNews.
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