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VA Campus Development Scrutinized

Neighbors of the 387-acre Veterans Affairs campus/complex in Westwood are fretting over a new consultant report issued yesterday, the LA Times reports. The VA campus remains one of the last undeveloped pieces of open space along Wilshire Blvd. and now neighbors are in a tizzy that the site may be opened up to "mixed-use" development.

LA County Supervisor Yav Zeroslavsky Zev Yaroslavksy was decidedly outraged that the Government failed to give a full accounting of its plans for the VA campus, as it was supposed to do yesterday.

"We're generally skeptical and nervous about this because bureaucrats and administration officials sitting back in Washington look at this West Los Angeles property and say, 'Oh, my God. Outside of Central Park, this is the most valuable real estate in the U.S. and we could make some money off this.' " Frankly, we doubt paper-pushing bureacrats ever say "Oh, my God" as a matter of practice, however their bodies probably convulse, arms swinging wildly, tongue flailing, everytime a chance to pave over park space comes up. Bastards. The public will have the chance to confront said bureaucracy at two public meetings later this month.
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