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Tuesday Mid-Morning Updates: Around Town

1) Councilman Eric Garcetti is promising to get to the bottom of the troubling "cut-through" problems in Silverlake. Drivers be warned. [Cutting Down on Cutting Through/Eric Garcetti CD13 blog]
2) UCLA students affected by yesterday's black out moved on with their lives by extending their lunch hours and milling about aimlessly. [Campus copes with power outage/Daily Bruin]
3) Bill DeMarco reviews Starbucks numero 19 in his quest to review the "Top 50 Starbucks in LA." He orders a Tall Iced Americano. [#19: Starbucks in a strip mall at the intersection of Ventura and Kester in Sherman Oaks/Losanjealous]
4) A gator-wrangler impersonator called several media outlets today claiming to have captured the elusive Reggie the Alligator in Lake Machado. It was quickly determined the claim was a hoax. Reggie remains at large. [Officials dismiss report of alligator capture as a hoax/DailyBreeze]