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Tropicana Bar: Too Trendy for You?

We hate when we forget to read LA Comfidential because we always miss important bar/nightclub gossip such as this bon mot:

Slow night at the Tropicana Bar? Owner Amanda Scheer Demme, who wouldn't let C-lister Jesse Metcalfe into her poolside lounge because she only wants a mix of A-listers from various industries, allowed Conde Nast intern and reality D-lister Lauren Conrad (pictured right) and a posse of friends from MTV's "Laguna Beach" behind her velvet rope on Wednesday. Who will she let in next: has-been party girl Tara Reid? We hear she's got nothing going on. Yeah, we admit it, we stole the entire post from LA Comfidential but when news combining Stephen's Laguna Beach throwaway L.C., Tara Reid and something remotely related to real estate is found on another blog, we gotta post it.

Credit where credit is due.
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