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Pretty Park Makers: Bunker Hill Park Blog Goes Live

The Bunker Hill Park blog, the public blog for the proposed Grand Avenue civic park, has gone live. Contributors are invited to offer up their ideas for what the park should look like. As you may recall, the Civic Park is the focal point of the Grand Avenue project, proposed to inject a spirit of community into the messy mass of Downtown buildings. Julie Rico, Executive Director of the LA Art Fest, chimes in with her idea for" pods" and a floating path in the park.

At the park level I would love to see interactive sculptures, of course! In addition, I am interested in a pathway that is above the park with a floating pathway that rises to different levels throughout the Grand Avenue project. The pathway would function on many levels including:

Pods For people to rest
Pub Pods
Vendor Pods
Pods for people to Lunch
Pods for people to Observe below
Pods for Vendors
Pods for kids (a sort of Play House)

We stand by our idea to build a giant waterslide that would empty out at the base of City Hall. And instead of shrubbery, there would be pink cotton candy bushes. And lots of balloons. But no clowns.
· Julie Rico's proposal: Dear Grand Avenue Enthusiasts... [Bunker Hill Park Blog]