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Bad Downtown Geography

A post on the Newdowntown Listserv about bad downtown geography reminds us of this funky map of LA that was posted on the SkyscraperCity Forum awhile back. Disneyland in South Central? Jeepers!

From a poster on Newdowntown:

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 21:36:08
Subject: Downtown - Geography 101 Latest edition of the Downtown News and La Maese is in full flower:

"Alameda on the east, the L.A. River on the west"

The arts district IS NOT on the left bank, Kathryn......

No, not near as good as the KCBS reporter covering the 1993 Malibu fire as it approached Topanga Canyon. In full excitement, said reporter pointed to a swale over across the canyon - "where the stream flows uphill" and then screamed and ran for her life, before signing off.

(And ALMOST as good as Gary Franklin, holding forth from Mt. Olympus.)

Sure, LA's not as easy as "the Bronx is up, and the Battery's down," but come on people, we at least follow the laws of gravity.