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Keep the Park in Griffith Park

Franklin Avenue leads us to an interesting site, The group is trying to muster opposition to the Griffith Park Master Plan, which looks more like a proposal for Disneyland West. The Master Plan proposes:

* Six multi-level parking structures.
* Two aerial tramways.
* Street widenings throughout the Park.
* Introduction of traffic into the interior of the Park.
* Division of the Park into separate themed ?lands.?
* Creation of a hotel, restaurant, culinary school and sports complex in the Park?s interior.
* Redesign of the 18-hole golf course at the expense of the Zoo Magnet School.
* A commercial pier on the Los Angeles River at the Los Feliz Bridge.

* Additional public-private partnerships and revenue-enhancing schemes. We agree with FranklinAvenue that the tramways sound great, but the rest of the project sounds like a clusterfuck waiting to happen. We use the park to get away from traffic and the rigors of life in modern day in LA. Keep the urban with the urban and the park with the park. That's all we're asking.
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