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Joe Edmiston, Developer of Nothing

As a whole, we Angelenos are self-absorbed people. That?s why we should be thankful for people like Joe Edmiston that ?fight the good fight? to protect the Santa Monica Mountains. As Executive Director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Edmiston has purchased and converted over 3,500 acres to public land in the past two years alone. (Zev Yaroslavsky says, ?If he?d gone into the real estate business, he?d be a billionaire.?)

Some may not agree with his methods (uh, bullying?), but we all reap the benefits of his work. Because of him there is more untouched acreage so you can escape the city and enjoy a peaceful hike without running into those same city people that you are trying to avoid. Thanks, Joe.

· King of the Hills [Los Angeles Magazine Online]