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Britney Joins the Malibu Militia

The LA Times reports that a paparazzo was hit by a projectile from a pellet gun outside a Malibu home where Britney Spears was staying. After being treated with a band-aid (stat!), wounded photo-stalker Brad Diaz was taken away in an ambulance.

Has Britney joined the property-rights-obsessed entertainment elite of Malibu? Is she following the lead of David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the surprisingly bitter Julie Andrews and others in protecting tony beachfronts from the unwashed feet of mere mortals?

There?s no indication that Ms. Spears herself is the sharpshooter, or even where the pellet came from. The Times assures us the authorities will be ?probing" the issue. We wonder if Britney hasn?t channeled her Louisiana ?possum hunting, roots?

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