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Maphawk: Fab Maps for Urban Snobs

Need helped plotting your soused evening itineraries through LA?s hot ?hoods?. Or planning your bag-laden shopping sprees in the most [pick a flavor] hip/badass/cute/ironical clothiers? Then Maphawk?s ?neighborhood guides with a bird?s eye view? may be of service. The Los Angeles-based company publishes FREE (wheee!) maps and listings featuring the best spots to eat, shop, and amuse one?s self in the region?s various hipster ghettos. Maphawk currently publishes guides to Santa Monica, Venice, Marina/ Playa Del Rey/Westchester, Silver Lake/Echo Park/Los Feliz, and West Hollywood. Editions for Downtown and Westwood are coming soon.

It?s like having a paper version of your own personalized mental map where the highlights (i.e., the Farmer?s Market, Amoeba Records, 24-hour porn theaters) are boldly featured while the miles of chintzy strip-malls remain fuzzy and undefined. Just what every urban snob in LA needs.

·Maphawk Neighborhood Guides