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Heavy Trash Talkers

Heavy Trash is an anonymous group of bright, young professionals who initiate conversations about urban issues that affect this city by creating large, heavy pieces of art (hmm?sounds familiar). You may have seen or heard of their most recent project last April - placing bright orange Berlin Wall style viewing towers outside the walls of three gated communities. We do not think we want to know what goes on behind those gates (or what type of filming you may be doing), but thanks to Heavy Trash, the public had a brief opportunity to check it out.

While the towers are long gone (it only took an hour or two for the residents to squawk to the guard in the little booths to get them removed), we wish to turn your attention to the aftermath: the public comment forum. Who knew people in this town could get so de-fence-ive when it comes to this topic? As each side shouts, ?moron? to the other side, it is clear that no one is sitting on the fence when it comes to this issue. We will spare you from the puns if you go check out the website.

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