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Fan of LA Architecture Found in Germany

Bloggers at LA Voice have found a resource for Angelinos playing defense in conversations with East Coasters, San Franciscans, and other snotty urbanites that go something like this:

Them: "LA is so ugly."
Us: "Ummm."
Next time you hear this, point the clueless churls to the bloody-wonderful - an obsessively indexed photo-catalog of Los Angeles buildings ranging from the Victorian homes of Angelino Heights and the gilded-age gems of the historic downtown core to the once-bleeding-edge designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and Googie genius Welton Becket.
Who do we have to thank for such a service? LA Voice did some sleuthing to unearth Martin Schall from Waiblingen, Germany. Schall so loves Los Angeles architecture that he gave the world his stellar 900-image electronic gallery. Photos are catalogued by date, by style, by architect, and also on an interactive map. How?s that for anal German ingenuity? · Good Bones: Great Site Looks at LA Architecture [LA Voice]
· Los Angeles Architecture Photo Gallery []