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Steve Harvey on Malibu Rentals

LAT columnist Steve Harvey recently explored the rarified world of Malibu summer rentals. His finds: Sting rents his house out for $100,000 per month, and either Diana Ross or Tori Spelling can?t operate a hot tub.

Along the way, Harvey skewers local real estate agents like Irene Dazzan-Palmer (fetchingly posed at right) of Luxury Homes Network:

"This one ordinarily gets 55 to 70," Dazzan-Palmer was telling me in the living room of a modern two-story that has the Pacific Ocean for a backyard. "No, put down 75."
"The colony is great," she said.
"The colony is so cool," said another agent.

"Follow me," Dazzan-Palmer said. "I'm in the Jaguar."We also learn that Pierce Brosnan?s home commands $100k per month, and Ted Dansen and Mary Steenbergen make do with $80k. Best of all, prices drop after Labor Day. That being just around the corner, we at Curbed-LA are already packing the sandals and sunscreen. · Malibu: How the Other Half Leases [LA Times]