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Skid Row: "Say My Name, Say My Name."

Whoever said "A skid row is a row is a row" didn't know the half of it. Carla Rivera's LAT piece on the past, present, and future of the city's grimiest nabe offers a new moniker for Skid Row: Central City East.

Curbed wonders who coined the delightfully sanitized new name. And will it be enough to distract residents of the market-rate lofts quickly sprouting nearby from the smell of sun-baked urine? Only time will tell, but we suspect not. With hundreds more loft projects in the works, the next few years may force the city to reconsider its policies about concentrating social services and SROs in one district. Regardless, a name change alone will not change Skid Row's fortunes. Just ask the folks in South Central (er, we mean South LA.)

· Near Downtown's Glitter Lies a Civic Problem [LA Times]