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Los Angeles Olympics: Good for Humanity

In an unintentionally hilarious story in LA CityBeat, 2016 could be the year that LA next hosts the Olympics. Supporters point to our long illustrious Olympics' history and now the Olympics bid is getting support from Councilman LaBonge.

?We didn?t think 2016 would be open,? explains LaBonge. But the circumstances have changed. ?Los Angeles is the Olympic city of the world. We could have a very special Olympic Games by 2016. It would be good for sports, humanity, and the city.? A very special Olympics? Is that like a very special episode of 7th Heaven? Or is it like the Special Olympics where everyone is a winner? Southern California Olympic Committee Chairman Barry Sanders (not the one you're thinking of) says LA has all the facilities in place to host the Games, but we do need to "build facilities for shooting." May we suggest the Harbor Freeway?
· Game Plan [LA CityBeat]