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Hollywood Run Amok Downtown

Going Downtown on the weekends can be a hassle if you're unprepared to navigate around all the street closures due to filming, which seem to go on non-stop in certain areas (how many times can we see the Wells Fargo Building at Hope and 4th in a car commercial?) But just imagine living in the middle of that neverending film set. Blogdowntown has had enough.

There's another filming notice outside my building today that mentions lane closures. If you recall I last week asked how we can believe the Mayor's talk of fixing traffic while at the same time the city allows filming to block traffic lanes during peak hours. This notice says that the eastside curb lane and two adjacent lanes could be closed any time in a three day or so span, from 5am to 10pm. That eastside lane is the contraflow bus lane that carries roughly 90 buses per hour during peak periods.

Can't Hollywood just blue screen everything by now? Haven't George Lucas and his neck waddle been working to make everything digital so that our traffic can flow free? Answer us Hollywood! Answer us!
· Filming and Traffic Closures: Do the Building Managers Sign Off? [blogdowntown]