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Cornfield Park Taking Shape of Cornfield

The Cornfield, the new thinking person's park, is taking shape just fine next to the LA River in Chinatown. As plans move forward to turn the site into a full-fledged state park, artist Lauren Bon (Curbed Tip of the Day: bon means good in French!) has installed a large cornfield on the site, letting it grow for one agricultural cycle. Updates from the Web site let us know things are going just hunky-dory with the temporary installation of the sculpture-living-art piece and provide a long explanation of what it all means.

?Not A Cornfield is a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The corn itself, a powerful icon for millennia over large parts of South America, can serve as a potent metaphor for those of us living in this unique megalopolis. This work follows a rich legacy of radical art during the 20th century on a grand scale. I intend this to be an event that aims at giving focus for reflection and action in a city unclear about where it's energetic and historical center is. We're going corn-crazy over the new park and although the explanation is way too dense for us to understand in one sitting, we like anything made out of food. We feel like Charlie in the Corn Tortilla Factory!
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