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Updates: Tagging the Orange Line; Gator-Aid

In a mish-mash of recent Curbed LA stories crossing paths and mutating, the Orange Line soundwall in Van Nuys has become a favorite target of local taggers causing a bunch of ugly damage.

Two months before the first Orange Line bus is expected to transport paying riders across the San Fernando Valley, graffiti artists have caused more than $200,000 in damage, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials said.

Deputies from the Sheriff's Department's Metro Transit Services Bureau have made more than 15 graffiti-related arrests on the Orange Line, and officials said they will continue to crack down on busway taggers.

AND in an unrelated note, Harbor Park Harry is actually named "Reggie" - yes, "Reggie the Alligator". Following the recent raid of a home in San Pedro, investigators discovered the home owners were the source of lake squatting Reggie, along with some other gators, pirannha and turtles. The folks from Gatorland arrived today to get Reggie, while visitors to the park continue to throw tortillas and jelly-donuts in the lake to feed the poor animal.

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