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Catch the Red Line, Not the Plague

People are dirrrty. Not you, but other people. As more and more of us heed the Mayor's call to hop on board LA's public transit system, we need a way to protect ourselves from the nose picking and non-hand washing public. Gizmodo finds the solution to our subway verminophobia.

The subway can be a sticky place in the summer, but the TranStrap might be the perfect way to combat other commuters for pole space. Simply attach the heavy duty nylon webbing, aircraft grade aluminum, and high-friction neoprene hook to the closest train pole and watch as other pedestrians give you dirty looks. Now you can avoid the nasty skin diseases left by other passengers and single-?handedly? revitalize the ?straphanger? moniker once and for all. Speaking of dirty subways, has anyone seen the bathrooms in Union Station? The cleanest thing in there was the homeless guy handing out paper towels. Blechh.
· Subway Strap-On [Gizmodo]