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As the Stile Turns: Subway Drama

Want the dirt on LA's totally mangled subway system and the prospects for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?s subway to the sea? The Weekly's Eric Berkowitz does a bang-up job of chronicling the Red Line soap-opera, including no-holds barred opinions from decision-makers of note. No one is spared: not the bogus populism of the Bus Rider's Union that claims that subways are racist, not the MTA who paid contractors double to fix their own mistakes, and especially not the Westside liberals who blocked the subway to keep poor people on the other side of Fairfax.

Here's our favorite smackdown from transit administrator Nick Patsaouras, regarding former Mayor Dick Riordan's handling of the Bus Rider's Union:

"Riordan is an ignoramus. Riordan fucked it up with the consent decree." Tell it, girl!

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