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Sunbathing with Goldie

Feel like bronzing your buns alongside Malibu's royalty? The California Coastal Commission has released an easement map showing how to legally access posh Broad Beach, home of Goldie Hawn, Steven Spielberg, Danny DeVito, Dustin Hoffman, and other industry stars. Malibu property owners have battled for decades to limit the hoi polloi?s access to their pricey, and formerly private, beachfronts. Yet the CCC has ruled that easements allow public access to most parts of the beach, although these easements are a complicated mess of property lines that most visitors don't understand. The map is meant to eliminate confusion and increase public access to the beach.

The Commission has also restricted homeowners' use of harsh signage and ATV-riding security guards to shoo away would-be sunbathers. Signs must now be polite ("Please stay the *&%$ away?") and security guards must be on foot. But beachgoers beware: Britney may still be lurking.
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