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Parlour Club Bids WeHo Goodnight

West Hollywood?s favorite bordello-chic nightclub, The Parlour Club, closed its doors this month. The dark, cozy space, furnished with Victorian settees, velvet curtains, and kooky-creepy paintings, has been purchased by Andre Balazs, owner of the Chateau Marmont and both Standard hotels. We can only assume a less, shall we say, unnerving drinkery will take the Parlour?' place.

As chronicled on Blogging LA, Parlour Club was home to a variety of weekly club events serving an attractive, literate, and somewhat naughty crowd. Mario Diaz' sweaty, sleazy homo/hetero/tranny club Hot Dog has moved to Club 7969 (a.k.a. Peanuts), and Indie/Brit pop Club Fusion has moved to the Overlook. Tragically, Vaginal Davis' fabulous flapper's delight, Bricktops, remains temporarily homeless.

WeHo will miss you, Parlour Club!
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