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Graffiti This! Tagged, Untagged, Tag To Do

Whether you call it public art, a public nuisance, or the signs of a crumbling society, we are constantly surrounded by the stuff called graffiti. Thus, we focus on three seperate and unequally important cases of graffiti in our SoCal 'hood.

1. Los Angeles Street Art Favorites
Gothamist publisher, and all around bon vivant, Jake Dobkin has been in Los Angeles snapping photos of our "street art" in such places as Silverlake, Venice and downtown. "Street art" is the prettyfied word for graffiti, but we like it, so its ok.

2. Eric Garcetti Blog: CD13 is Untagged
Like a bullfighter waving a red scarf and asking to get his ass impaled, Eric Garcetti boasts about the recent success of his UNTAG (Uniting Neighborhoods To Abolish Graffiti) Program in Council District 13. The program knocked down graffiti by a total of 62% from a year ago. Garcetti gives credit to the well organized neighborhood block captains as well as the quick response time of "paint-out crews." We hope Garcetti is quick, because the new high school under construction in his district just got majorly tagged over the weekend.

3. Losanjealous: A Plea for Graffiti
Sometimes we just go a little nuts seeing all those shitty movie ads everywhere. Victor of Losanjealous feels our pain and intensifies it to a new level of hate. He's made the call to get these eye level nuisances removed, and perhaps into less intrusive spaces like... well, he doesn't really say. But in the meantime, artists are invited to fight the ads through a bit of self-defense tagging. That's kind of illegal, though.