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The Riddle of McMansions

Big surprise, but a Fox News report failed to inform viewers that one of its interviewees on the subject of McMansions was actually a realtor, which creates an obvious conflict of interest if not an underhanded agenda. Laura Riddle, identified only as an LA resident, argued for the need for McMansions in a story on the proposed LA ordinance banning them. Enter Stage Right noticed something funny.

Something smelled rotten. First of all, families were on average much larger during the 1950s ? they didn't call it the "baby boom" for nothing. Second, the woman talked like a flack spewing rehearsed talking points. Idiotic talking points, to be sure, but talking points nonetheless. Outside of the Pitchman's Retirement Home, mere "residents" rarely sound that polished.

And so I googled under "Laura Riddle" and "real estate," and sure enough, she's a realtor! She works for Century 21. Riddle may live in L.A., but so do many realtors. But for FNC to identify Riddle merely as a "resident" was dishonest, and robbed viewers of the ability to weigh her possible motivations.

We're not surprised that realtors are speaking out in favor of McMansion development. They're representing what their clients want, plus that whole realtor commission thing. Leave it to the realtors to start a campaign of subterfuge.
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