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Golden Mile Developments Enrage Activists

Here at Curbed LA we learn something new every day. For instance, apparently there is a 9-block stretch of Wilshire knows as the "Golden Mile." Who knew? Anyways, the Los Angeles Business Journal reports on the proposed development of two luxury residential towers along the "Golden Mile." Just one problem.

Each development is relying on approvals that are nearly 30 years old, when Wilshire Boulevard had a fraction of the density and traffic it has now. Neighboring homeowner groups are outraged at the thought that these towers could be built on old entitlement grants and may go to court to stop their construction. However, project developers and outgoing Planning Director Con Howe say neighbors have nothing to fear. The impact to traffic and surrounding homes will be minimal. And apparently its quite common to build on old entitlements. More after the jump.
· Wilshire Clubview Residences [Fifield Company]
· Bigger, But Better [LA Business Journal (Subscription)]

Fifield Company of Chicago is proposing the above pictured 21-story residential tower at 10205 Wilshire, featuring ten-foot ceilings, valet service and a wine cellar.

Woodbridge Capital is planning a 24-story, 87-condo tower at 10776 Wilshire between Malcolm and Selby Avenue.

Sandy Brown, president of the Holmby-Westwood Property Owners Association, isn't convinced by reassurances from the developers or the city.

Until the city has the infrastructure to support the projects it already has on its books, then the development shouldn't proceed, she said, no matter when the approvals were given. If Brown is referring to the Red Line extension down Wilshire, hopefully that will be coming sooner rather than later.