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Adaptive Reuse, the South LA Way

Los Angeles? 2001 Adaptive Reuse ordinance has been credited with jump-starting the loft conversion process in Los Angeles. Especially downtown, long under-used office buildings and warehouses dating from the turn of the 19th century are being dusted off and turned into glossy new homes for the growing group of LA urbanites.

Now let?s explore how Adaptive Reuse works in South LA. We assume the building pictured above looks vaguely familiar. Need some hints? How about greasy meat? nuclear-hot apple pies? the Hamburglar? That?s right, you win! This is, of course, a historic McDonald?s, a fixture of LA?s long tradition of fine yet convenient cuisine, transformed into a Tacos el Gavilan. This adaptive reuse may be the perfect example of - let us coin a phrase here ? the latinofication of the city. Say goodbye to McRibs (?chomp?), and say hello to tostadas al carbon.
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