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Pit Fire Pizza Digs in on Main St.

Fave eatery Pit Fire Pizza Co., with restaurants at Universal CityWalk and Lankershim in North Hollywood, is opening in a decidedly more urban location: downtown?s Old Bank District. Named one of Los Angeles? 10 best pizzas, Pit Fire is not Chicago or NY style ? it?s trés California: expect your barbecued slice to come with arugula, caramelized onions, rosemary potatoes, piñon nuts? the whole organic, fancy-pants enchilada.

Pit Fire is a welcome addition to the OBD?s culinary options, joining old standard Pete?s as one of the few sit-down restaurants in a neighborhood that, thanks to the ongoing boom in loft conversions, is increasingly populated after 5:00pm. Pit Fire itself is located in the 1910 Higgins Building, home to 135 high-end lofts conversions.

And in a perhaps naïve move, the surrounding sidewalk features outdoor seating, which will be quite convenient for hand-outs to residents of the eternal homeless encampment at 3rd and Main.

Now, can we get a SCOE?s downtown?

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