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NFL Announcement Soon?

We're following the lead of LA Independent columnist Joe Scott and thinking positive about a quick announcement on the return of the NFL to Los Angeles. And even better, a return to a renovated Coliseum.

In a case of "connect-the-dots," Scott theorizes on the meaning behind the NFL's nationally televised concert outside the Coliseum in celebration of the season opener on September 8th. He sort of stretches for a connection here, but we'll buy it:

It?s not lost on old timers that the concert, and others reportedly in Detroit and Foxboro, Mass. the same night, would thematically link the first Super Bowl, which was played at the L.A. Coliseum ? the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs ? with the 40th, in February at Ford Field in Detroit. · NFL Politics: L.A. Decision Nears [LA Independent]
· Los Angeles Coliseum EIR [Christopher A. Joseph & Associates]
· LA Coliseum

While its almost certain Los Angeles will get a team by 2010, its harder to say just exactly where the new team will play. Anaheim is still jockeying for a shot at hosting the team in a new stadium in Angel's Stadium parking lot. However, plans for remodeling the Coliseum have been on the drawing board for awhile (see above). Scott further speculates that the NFL's choice of concert location is a further sign of things to come.
That the NFL is promoting a headliner TV concert in the shadow of the Coliseum on a Thursday night to coincide with the league