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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Silver Lake's Stonehenge

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1) A reader is curious as to what's going in at the corner of Hillhurst and Franklin in Los Feliz. We're happy to report that a reader states "They are putting in a Bank Of America. Sure to clog up that corner even more."
2) A simple question about the concrete stumps at the corner of Riverside and Fletcher illicited numerous (and we do mean numerous) responses, including: "There was once a red car stop on the northwest side of the intersection at
Fletcher and Riverside, up on the hill. There are still steps leading up to where the platform was located." And: "Old timers in the neighborhood prefer to think of them as tombstones of all the developers who've tried and failed to build the site. While they are frequently used by guerilla artists as a platform for art, in fact, the mystery stones are City of Los Angeles Historic Landmark # 770; Pacific Electric Red Car Viaduct Footings." And, the definitive answer:

"The remaining concrete footings in the hillside at Fletcher & Riverside are indeed a remnant of the once mighty Pacific Electric. Those are supports for a massive wooden trestle (over 100 feet tall!) that bridged the gap between the two hills, across Fletcher Drive. This was part of the Glendle/Burbank line. It started downtown at the Subway Terminal Building, Fourth and Hill downtown. Went through the tunnel, emerged at Glendale and Second. Went up Glendale Blvd through Echo Park and Edendale. Took a sharp right turn roughly where the entrance ramp to the Glendale Freeway is. Went on a private right of way, along the top of the hill next to Riverside Drive, past Fletcher, then came down off the hill, went across the L.A. River (concrete footings for that bridge are still there and visible), back into Glendale Blvd, then straight down the center of Brand Blvd., all the way through Glendale. Then took a left on Glenoaks and went several miles until it stopped almost at Olive in Burbank. There was also a short piece that continued up Brand past Glenoaks another 1/2 mile to Mountain Ave. where the track dead-ended. This route was last run in 1955, when everything coming out of the Subway Terminal Building was abandoned."

(Picture from Diane Edwardson)