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AIMCO Gives Lincoln Place Tenants the Boot

The TV cameras were rolling as sherrif's deputies moved in on the Lincoln Place apartments in Venice, enforcing evictions on many of the apartment dwellers who are being removed so that real estate developer AIMCO can build luxury condominiums. The Venice Paper provides a round-up of yesterday's events:

Sheriff's deputies fanned out across Lincoln Place Apartments to carry out eviction orders on 52 households at 9:00 AM this morning. Tenants were ordered out of their apartments empty-handed as locks were changed on their doors....

A number of residents got their notices earlier in the month, but won a 10-day reprieve over the Thanksgiving holiday. The balance of residents that are not among the 80-or-so disabled and elderly tenants that have until mid-March to vacate were served notices last week.

"I can't believe the mayor is letting this happen," an exasperated Rose Murphy said. Murphy is an elderly tenant that is not required to be out of her apartment until March.

"There's too many people without homes. This should not be happening!" she said.

Good luck to the future tenants of Lincoln Place. Those luxury condos are going to have some wicked bad karma.
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