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Wednesday Mid-Morning Linkage

Blogdowntown reports on yesterday's meeting of the Red Car Advisory Committee where the ongoing feasibility study was discussed. At this stage in Red Car planning, details are still sketchy. But the studying continues.
· Streetcars in Downtown's Future? [blogdowntown]

Is color the reason why people keep crashing into Orange Line buses? Apparently, some people feel that a more visible bus will cause people to crash into it less. Studies from European countries provide conflicting ideas on the use of color to alert drivers. One reader suggestes attaching "9 foot iron spikes" to the bus to scare off stupid drivers. We like anything that works.
· Bus Color a Gray Area, Studies Show [LA Times]

The quarterly "Anderson Forecast" from UCLA, being released today, predicts a slow-down in the housing market beginning in early-2006 and lasting for several years. The slowdown in the housing market will have effects on both the construction and financial markets, where jobs are expected to be lost.
· UCLA report sees housing dip [Daily Breeze]