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Tuesday Afternoon Linkage

So you want to sell luxury real estate? The Daily Breeze interviews a couple from Rolling Hills Estates leveraging their quality customer service into quality home selling for the wealthy in the South Bay. Apparently, caring for the ill and selling real estate to rich people aren't so different.
· Selling Living Large [Daily Breeze]

Speaking of the ill, Kevin Federline is reportedly holed up in the Beverly Hills Hotel after being kicked out of the Federline-Spears family home, HotelChatter reports. Nice digs.
· Federline In The Beverly Hills Dog House [HotelChatter]

Curbed LA is reporting that In The Oaks is reporting that The Daily News is reporting that several of those cities east of where everything happens (namely Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank) are contributing some cash to study a "missing link" connecting the Metro Red and Gold Lines. Go Metro!
· New Train? - Pasadena to The Valley [In the Oaks..]

Is Inglewood in Los Angeles? So goes the question from Boi From Troy (quoting Wonkette). On Sunday's West Wing, the fictional Mayor of LA visits an Inglewood family who's son is shot by an LAPD Officer. For the record, Inglewood is not in Los Angeles. It's an island north of Catalina, as everyone knows.
· Inglewood: In Los Angeles or Not? [Boi From Troy]