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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: 33 Percent Answered

1) Hollywood: A reader asks for developer info for two projects, The Hollywood and Larchmont Lofts. Several readers emailed with links and what nots, saying the developer of The Hollywood is Metro Modern Developers. "It's a 54-unit condo project that is slated to be finished at the end of 2006. The architect is Kanner Architects. They did the colorfully cubic Metro Hollywood Apartments above the Western Redline Station." Completion is scheduled for October 2006. As for the Larchmont Lofts (pictured above), the 21-unit loft development is the result of a partnership of Santa Monica based Watt Genton Associates and Boston-based Halcyon Ventures.

2) West Hollywood: A reader wants to know what's going in at the corner of Westbourne and Santa Monica. As of yet, we have no info and our tipsters remain silent.

3) Dogtown: A few responses in regards to the boundaries of Dogtown. One tipster says: "Dogtown is anywhere south of Pico where you run into a shirtless, long-haired 50-year-old dude who surfs better than you and can drink you under the table. " Another reader sends us links to the Northeast LA Message Board where a discussion on "historic" Dogtown places it squarely north of Downtown Los Angeles in the William Mead Homes housing projects. We assume the initial question, however, referred to the Dogtown made popular in the movies and associated with skater-culture. So in answer to your question sir, we have no answer to your question, sir.

Send in your questions, please. We'll get to them in the New Year. Email us with tips and questions to