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An Update on the Holly Trolley

The mini-ruckus over the article on stating that Angel's Flight trolley cars would be carrying people up and down the streets of Hollywood has been resolved. The journo-bloggers at followed-up with their original source to find out the what's-what, and they reported back:

In our item, we said the 100-year-old Angels Flight trolley cars would be implemented. We thought it odd, but that's what Hollywood Chamber Commerce board member Elizabeth Peterson told us. She even said the cars had been restored... A call to LADOT's project manager Michael Griffin confirms that the new Holly Trolley system will implement the Bunker Hill busses, which were originally used to replace Angels Flight when [it] went out of service. Indeed, they do [look] like streetcars and are less than 10 years old.
We congratulate our reader for his nice catch and his uncontrollable rage at the thought of Angel's Flight's diagonal trolleys ripping up Hollywood Boulevard.
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