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Famima!! Enters Westwood Market

Already having made its presence felt in West Hollywood, West LA Online reports that high-end grocery retailer Famima!! has opened its latest store in Westwood. For those not in the Asian-know, Famima!! is the American brand of Family Mart, the super popular Asian market serving Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. Los Angeles County is the entry market for Family Mart and the Famima!! brand into the US. The store's online presence tips us off that Famima!! intends to expand into "Areas with high living standards" including Hollywood, Brentwood, Palos Verdes, and Long Beach. Unironically, the store touts its clientele as POP, HIP, Gen X!! We really enjoyed their Web site too. For some reason the caption titled "Soup - Nutrition-on-the-go!" makes us giggle like an Asian school girl.
· Westwood gets yet another high-end grocer [West LA Online]