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CORRECTION: UPB Not Responsible for Security Bldg. F-Up

In an update/correction (whatever you prefer to call it) to our post last week in regards to the clusterfuck at the Security Building Lofts, the nice folks at Urban Pacific Builders have been pleasant enough to let us know they're not responsible:

I am the managing partner for Urban Pacific Builders and recently came across your post regarding the Security Building Lofts. While we had been involved in the project some years ago, we have not been involved in the project since 2001. We sold our positions in that transaction to another company, who is the company responsible for the progress as you noted in your blog post. The developer working on the project is Simpson Housing Solutions, LLC based in Long Beach, CA. You did correctly identify the Security Building webpage on our website, but that is for purposes of demonstrating our track record in the development (even those in the past tense) in urban housing communities throughout the Western United States.
We salute you Urban Pacific Builders for not sending your lawyers after us. You can always trust a developer with a blog.
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