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Riverside Downtown in Redevelopment Mode

Big doings in Riverside, according to The Orange Empire of Southern California - Weblog. They're using fancy talk like "TOD" (transportation oriented development), "mixed-use" and "Henry Cisneros" to describe the big plans planned for downtown Riverside.

With the recent residential transformation of downtown San Diego, and on a much lesser scale, downtowns in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Long Beach and Glendale, it's high time such mixed-use development again finds its way to downtown Riverside... Without a doubt, it's only a matter of time before such projects do in fact begin to take shape in downtown Riverside, though admittedly, it seems to be taking much longer than it should. Quite frankly, it suggests the lack of serious, in-depth knowledge of Inland Southern California's environs by many LA-based real estate media (We admit, we know shit about the IE, and couldn't finger Riverside on a map if we tried - ed.), financial and development gurus. There are notable exceptions, but in general, this seems to be the rule.

The redevelopment of the Fox Theater and nearby Fox Plaza are mentioned as signs of the rejuvenation of the downtown area, combining new retail, a 150-bed hotel, and brand new condos.
· Reshaping downtown [The Orange Empire of Southern California - Weblog]