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Bad Intersections

Losanjealous has provided the Department of Transportation with a laundry list of future projects from a post yesterday titled "The Great ‘Shittiest Intersections of LA Debate’".

The Beverly/Temple/Virgil/Silverlake mindfuck
I caused $5k damage to my car here five years ago, to say nothing of the other guy’s car. Admittedly, it was completely my fault. Nonetheless it further validates my argument of the shittiness of this five-way intersection which, incidentally, is shaped like an inverse pentagram pointing to the precise location where I was involved in an accident. Talk about bad feng shui, this intersection’s breathing enough of it to fuck Beverly up for another half-mile east. The Olympic/Fairfax/San Vicente clusterfuck
Why you would be on Fairfax in the first place is beyond me. It’s not like your car will be moving. Fuck this intersection and the Fairfax traffic it generates.

Others making the list include 28th and Ocean Park in Santa Monica, San Vicente and La Cienega, and 9th and Figueroa. We'd like to add the Hollywood/Sunset/Hillhurst/Virgil intersection to the list. If ever there was a spot for a roundabout in Los Angeles, this is the spot.
· The Great ‘Shittiest Intersections of LA Debate’: LosanJealous Edition [Losanjealous]