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More on the Red Cars...

After our non-specific and stumbling answer to the "What about the Red Cars?" question on yesterday's Rumblings & Bumblings we got a lot of feedback from the silent Red Car enthusiasts who finally decided to speak up and let us know what's going down. One reader says:

"The current study for another Red Car system in downtown is being done by ITI, (spelling?) a transit consulting group in Irvine, California. $100,000 was authorized for this study, I think by the City of Los Angeles. Results of the study are supposed to be done soon, I'd like to see them. Check out, they had the blurb on this back around August."
We may check out the Downtown News - when hell freezes over. Just kidding. We'll check it out over the weekend. Another reader says:
"The explanation on the status of the Downtown Red Cars leaves a lot to be desired."
So does your mama. Just kidding. The reader continues:
"The feasibility study is supposed to be addressing things like the technology used, but those results aren't out yet. That study was supposed to have a community input component, but nothing has happened with that yet. I haven't heard anything from inside the workings about fake trolleys. That didn't work very well for LADOT's Bunker Hill DASH route that got cancelled sometime last year."
So there you have it folks, the latest on the Red Car which may or may not be rumbling down the streets of Los Angeles in the near or distant future on wheels or rails.
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