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Monday Morning Linkage

Councilwoman Wendy "The Pothole Queen" Greuel (CD 2) has assumed the role of Chair of the City Council's Transportation Committee and now faces the task of reducing our commute times, or off with her head! Well, ok, nothing that drastic, but nevertheless as she explains in her interview with the Metro Investment Report, she faces a tough road ahead getting money from DC, linking development to transportation, and making a complete transit system. Oh, and figuring out a way to stop cars from crashing into the Orange Line.
· Greuel Assumes Chair of L.A. City’s Transportation Committee; Her Goal: Finding Solutions to Gridlock [Metro Investment Report via Planetizen]

The seaside burg of Chevronville El Segundo is finally getting a retail power center to call its own. Plaza El Segundo is planned for the intersection of Sepulveda and Rosecrans and will feature your standard Best Buy, Borders, Linens n' Things, n' other shops that the area has been sorely lacking. The Plaza has pledged to donate $250,000 to the 'Gundo downtown to help compensate for all the business the Plaza will steal.
· Can small-town shopping survive competition? [Daily Breeze]

This year, long time suburban home developers KB Home and John Laing Homes have started wholly owned subsidiary units to develop new housing in urban centers, such as Downtown LA, San Diego and Chicago. According to the Associated Press article, the move came as a result of difficulties these companies faced navigating the complex world of urban in-fill. Also, apparently there's money to be made in urban centers.
· Trend toward city living prompts builders to form urban units [Sacramento Bee]

Congressman Henry Waxman has had a change of heart, and is now all for subway building under Wilshire Boulevard. Explosive methane gases be damned, the need for a subway along the busy Wilshire corridor can no longer be denied. However, County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has indicated he "would work with members of Congress to keep the prohibition in place," describing the subway as costly and disruptive. We say County Supervisor Mike Antonovich is a douche not a nice guy. Let the subway run wild!
· Bill may revive Wilshire subway [Daily News via LA Observed]